Come socialize with other PHX-based podcasters and listeners on Thursday, February 20, 2020.

Venue: The Clarendon Hotel & Spa

Phoenix has a rich history in podcasting dating back to the beginning in 2004! The PHX Podcast Club helps keep that spirit alive with social events like this one that happens on the third Thursday of every month.
We welcome all podcasters, podcast listeners, and the podcast-curious to spend an evening with us in a low-key, welcoming environment. Yes, we want to know about your show! Yes, we want to know about your favorite podcast! And yes, we want to help you understand what it means to be a podcaster for fun or for your business.
Here's the loose agenda:

• 6:00p - Mingle, get some food, have a drink
• 6:30p - Presentations begin (lurker-friendly too!)
• 8:00p - Official end time, but you're welcome to stay as long as you like.
- Evo Terra, on behalf of all the PHX Podcast Club members

Date and time
20 February 2020
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Evo Terra

I launch podcasts.
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Garret Godfrey

Don Burnside avatar

Don Burnside

Chase McLaughlin avatar

Chase McLaughlin


Daphne Dixon

Business Analysis

Caleb King

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Tuesday Mahrle



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David Jimenez

Geek's Labyrinth

Nick Berenbroick


Kathryn Meeks


Sam Carlier

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Jack Mangan


Thomas Heater

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Lisa Short

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